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12-pack Organic Blonde Chickpeas


Stock your pantry with our 12-pack of our premium and sustainable Organic Blonde Chickpeas (15oz).  Each can purchased supports our plastic waste cleanup with CleanHub.  

Produced in an allergen-free facility.  BPA FREE can.  Certified Kosher.


  • 100% Local (our cans, our farmers, and our company all in America)
  • Grown Organically (yep, that means no GMOs)
  • 100% Real Food - Organic Blonde Chickpeas, Water, Sea Salt (that’s it!)
  • No Refrigeration Required (won’t spoil if your plans change)
  • Eco-Friendly (our Steel Cans Infinitely Recycle!)

Oh yeah! We have all the bumper stickers!  We chose to keep our packaging as simple as our food.


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12-pack Organic Blonde Chickpeas


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your beans really better?

    Why yes, they are! Not all canned beans are created equal. We grow our beans in America. Use premium USDA Organic beans, water, and sea salt. This leaves the bean tender and not mushy! check out our reviews...Our Fans

  • Does my recycling program accept your cans and label?

    Heck yeah! Our labels are printed with water soluble plant-based inks and our cans are tin-plated steel.

  • NonGMO?

    Yep! Our organic beans are nonGMO and grown without pesticides!

  • Are your beans Kosher?

    Yes, we are certified Kosher by OU

  • How may cups of beans in a can?

    Each can contains at least 1-1/2 cups of beans after you drain, but don't pour the liquid down the drain. You can create do so many cool things with the aquafaba.

  • How do you process your beans?

    We use simple traditional canning process. But, our beans are brined in a little sea salt and water. We just use enough salt to break down the pectin in the skins, but they are still low sodium. The magic of food science.

  • I don't like beans, will I like yours?

    UMMM....are you sure you are in the right place? Stay a while and you might want to try some!

  • Why is your can so cute?

    Well, we work hard to have cute cans. Eating good food makes your can cute too! We think the package should be as beautifully crafted as the food inside.

  • Are your cans tough?

    Yes! Just like you. Although sometimes life gets a bit bumpy and our cans may be a little crushed. We are happy to offer a replacement if you think it might be unsafe to eat.

  • Still have questions?

    Send us a note and we will get back to you promptly!