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What we Believe

We believe everyone has a right to eat healthy and sustainable foods. At 8 Track Foods, it’s not only our job to make good food, but our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. We do this through our products, through the packaging we choose, the community we create, and the partnerships we select. We make it a priority to conserve and give. Because together we can leave our tracks a little lighter on this planet.

What we make

Everything you need to eat better, and nothing you don’t. We started with the perfect can of beans.  Our vision is to build a better food system by creating premium basics. We set our standards high, so we would be proud to feed our family and friends.  Our products aren’t just good, they are thoughtful, they solve real problems and use materials designed to be tough and beautiful. The result is a product that sets the standard for a sustainable food system, not just a sustainable product.  

Plastic Sucks.

91% of plastic packaging ends up in our oceans and landfills. Tossing it into the bin isn't enough. By choosing our steel cans, you make an impact by reducing the amount of single-use plastics. Our cans are infinitely recyclable and get reclaimed in most waste streams because they are magnetic! How cool is that?

Food Waste Stinks!

40% of the food we grow in the United States ends up the trash! you can make a difference by making simple deliberate daily choices to stock your pantry with 8 Track Foods. Food waste ends up in landfills, where it decomposes anaerobically, creating 23 percent of all US emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that exacerbates climate change. 

the infinite loop

No other product is like 8 Track Foods. Every decision that goes into it makes it stand apart. From the way it is grown, how we process it from the start, to the way we distribute it, to the innovative way our package recycles.

Meet the Maker

Maggie, a Food Scientist and single mom of two children, stretched meals to feed her family. Unfortunately, she struggled with a mainstay of her family's diet: beans. The canned bean had become a cheap commodity overrun with preservatives and chemical additives. Driven by her passion for sustainability and quality ingredients, Maggie embarked on a mission to transform this outdated commodity. She chose to source her beans exclusively from US Organic farmers, a unique approach that sets her product apart. These carefully selected beans are then processed using a simple pressure method, resulting in a delish can of beans. 8 Track Foods celebrates simple, high-quality, sustainable ingredients to create a positive impact and lead the way to a better future.

Can you dig it?

We reduce waste at every point to keep our food supply on track and to give you the healthiest food for your family and the planet.