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Plastic Sucks.  Let's face the music.... Food is complicated.  At 8 Track Foods, we decided to make it simple.  We took all the stress out of what goes into your food and make high quality beautiful pantry products that are grown ethically, sourced responsibly, processed simply, and taste delicious. I'm a single mom and Food Scientist with a lot on my plate.  I know I am not a bad planner, but a lot of times I end up throwing out food because life gets in the way.     We start But soour food has become increasinlgy complicated.  As a mom, I struggle with getting dinner on the table and it isn't because I dn't know how to plan meals.  It's because life is hard.  We took all the complexity out of food.  No Stripped it down the the basics of high quality ack on  reclycled without We use plastic for a moment, but it doesn't really go away.  Plastic exists forever.  It's not something you want to last.  In fact .  And now, it is out of control with more that It used to be just a few things and now it has climbed up and pushed to the  But what can I do?  By making small deliberate steps towards plastic reduction, we can make a difference. 1.  Commit to join our mission to reduce plastic 2.  Start to choose cans and glass before plastic.   3.  You  Unlike plastic, glass and metal can be recycled infinitely without losing product quality.